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What is Managed IT Services & How to Identify if Your Business Can Benefit

Companies of all sizes need technology to operate efficiently and effectively. With reliance on IT growing and many small businesses having limited IT resources, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the IT infrastructure up and running.

Managed IT services let companies offload specific IT operations to a service provider, or managed service provider (MSP), who assumes responsibility for monitoring and managing IT systems and functions. 

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Break Fix vs. Managed IT Services
Many businesses rely on technology and IT systems to fulfill day-to-day operations.
Break fix is an IT service model that relies on the customer contacting the IT services company when repairs and upgrades are needed, and IT issues are resolved only when support is needed. The managed IT services model is a strategic approach where a managed service provider (MSP) assumes responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and equipment, monitors and manages the IT infrastructure, and focuses on preventing potential IT issues.
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Learn How the Cincinnati Ballet Got Their IT Strategy on Track with Managed IT Services
Held back by outdated technology, employees were kept from being able to perform their daily jobs efficiently; the then-current technology provider of the Cincinnati Ballet was failing their IT landscape. Employee trust was rapidly diminishing as the technology provider itself had limited IT resources and an unacceptable response time.

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"The greatest benefit is that we are stress-free when it comes to IT. A professional is always watching our server, making sure it is up-to-date, and sending alerts for server updates. If anything goes wrong with our technology, whether it is on the weekend, during the evening, or during the workday, there is someone to call at any hour to help."

                         - Chief Operating Officer, Cincinnati Ballet

8 Advantages of Managed IT Services from Prosource

It is becoming increasingly more expensive for businesses to have an on-site technician to troubleshoot and repair immediate issues, assist employees with support questions, and perform routine maintenance on hardware and software.

Most businesses cannot afford to staff an on-site technician to keep operations running smoothly. Investing in managed IT services will give you the planning, support, service, and reliability you need - all at a predictable price.


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Improve Your Bottom Line by Increasing User Productivity & Technology Uptime with Managed IT Services from Prosource
Our managed services programs provide comprehensive technical support and troubleshooting, maintenance, and monitoring for a low, fixed, and predictable cost.

By proactively managing your network, we will reduce down-time through preventative maintenance, patch management, and resolving problems as they are occurring rather than waiting for a phone call to tell us something is wrong. Since you are only paying a fixed cost, the risk is on our end to keep your network running smoothly and to prevent problems that might be labor intensive to repair.



Prosource's CompleteIT managed services is for small businesses with less than 100 employees and no IT staff. The program includes:

-  Prosource offers monitoring of networks, systems, and applications – all included with this program at no additional cost.

-  All remote and on-site technical support and troubleshooting necessary to keep your network and computers running properly.

-  Virus and Malware detection and removal.

-  Access to our Client Portal so you can submit and check the status of service requests.

-  Monthly preventative maintenance on all servers.

-  Patch Management to make sure all servers and workstations have the appropriate security and performance updates.

-  Options for virus/malware protection, complete server imaging and backups, SPAM filtering and email security.


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Prosource’s EnhanceIT is for mid-market businesses with more than 100 employees and an IT staff. The program includes:

-  Remote monitoring and management capabilities for patch management, automated alerting, and deep insight into your network.

-  End-user help desk for immediate support from qualified technicians for everyday issues.

-  IT ticketing system for a fast, organized way to submit issues for resolution.

-  Multi-layered cyber security prevention to defend against the increased frequency and complexity of today’s cyberattacks and data breaches

-  Off-site backup, instant data recovery, and server virtualization with VaultIT.

-  Microsoft 365 to keep your office applications up-to-date.

-  Reliable consulting, strategic planning, and insightful decision making to fine-tune your technology from our team of Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) .


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